"Jim helped me deal with issues that I had no idea I was suffering from or even related to why I went to see him. I've been to other counsellors before and never felt so comfortable talking to someone. He literally changed my life and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

"I’m thirty years old and I’ve gone through many trials and tribulations and obviously counselling helps a great deal with grief, trauma and all of the other horrors out there life has to throw at us"

"I’m glad I found Jim because he’s really helped me through some dark times"

"I’ve seen countless therapists over the years but I’ve only ever stuck with one and that’s Jim. Finding the right counsellor is critical. Took me years to find a therapist I could work with. Lovely man, lovely nature, totally recommend him"

"He’s also very ‘human’ ... He’s warm but I think his major plus factor is he actually engages with you on your level ..."

 Telephone/Text  07870443057
Email jim_webster@hotmail.com


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